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BlockchainUA is one of the most prominent blockchain conferences in Eastern Europe. The conference is organized by our partner Distributed Lab und Pavel Kravchenko ausgerichtet. Distributed Lab contributed most of the source-code of the cryptocurrency Stellar and wrote several standard works on blockchain and distributed systems and wrote Financial Internet that Baltasaar’s Christian Heinz contributed to (Credits).

BlockchainUA is hosting its 8th semi-annual international blockchain conference in Kiev on May 22, 2020, bringing together one of the strongest global blockchain communities and veterans in Europe and beyond!

BlockchainUA targets different interest groups and is a pioneer in the introduction of innovative decentralized systems and blockchain solutions – such as the blockchain-based ticketing system Conto. There are no paid and sponsored lectures, but all participants and lecturers are selected and invited on the basis of their contribution to the further development of technology and business models. The most innovative European blockchain and DLT projects have their origins here. The participants already included Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson, Charly Lee, and many more.

The Mission

The conference offers a high-quality event. There are a number of invite-only pre and after parties, networking events, video documentation, simultaneous interpreters, photo galleries and much more.


  • – No paid lectures are accepte
    – No ICO may be advertised
    – The conference is not for profit and the ticket prices are therefore deliberately kept low.
    – The event is educational and the lecturers and moderators are available for questions at the network events
    – BlockchainUA is aimed at technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, regulators and financial market regulators and others
    – At the conference there is the opportunity to purchase the best-in-class books on blockchain & distributed systems

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