About us

Baltasaar is on a mission to democratize access to capital markets.

Baltasaar has built a digital platform that enables investors to transparently and safely invest in transparent products. By using blockchain technology to securitize financial instruments, we drive down financing costs, which enables companies to provide higher returns to investors.

As an end-to-end service provider, we support the entire capital markets process from structuring to distribution on our marketplace. This allows also small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to gain access to the European capital markets. Until recently, only financial institutions and multi-national corporations (MNCs) had the personnel and resources to access these markets.

Every product and financial instruments we help create and issue undergoes a strict due diligence process.


Our Values

  • We believe that today’s financial markets put smaller investors at a disadvantage: banks pay 0% interest and do not allow retail investors access to higher-return investments at the same time.
  • As a platform, our greatest asset is that investors take as little risk as possible. This is why every product has a built-in secondary market that allows the investor to sell his investment even prior to the date of maturity – provided a counterparty matches their ask, of course.
  • We scrutinize every product in a rigid due diligence process that is conducted by our capital market lawyers, investment banking professionals and investor representatives to ensure only the best products make it on our marketplace.
  • All issuers and investors are checked by our compliant KYC/AML-process and EU sanctions list checks.


  • Baltasaar is an independent, privately-held firm founded by blockchain-advocates and is not bound by interests from financial institutions that might represent conflict of interest.

Trusted by banks with investment brokerage

Our banking license provider enables the Baltasaar platform to operate a fully integrated, state-of-the-art marketplace for investment products and funding solutions.

Why we do it


We use technology to help level the playing field. 

Today, financial markets are dominated by large banks and institutional funds that internalize returns. By providing a transparent marketplace with low transaction costs and automated workflows we are set out to give back returns to investors and receive a small fee for it.


We are a technology platform that provides investors access to fully digital financial products that run without costly IT & banking infrastructure, clearing & settlement services, central security depositories, and expensive payment providers. 


We built our own blockchain-based core banking system. That way we can digitze the entire investment process for an unrestricted, instant, and ultra-convenient capital market experience for all participants.

Today, the world is dominated by technology. That is especially true for global financial markets. When two parties conduct a transaction, such as investing, it is essentially two accounting systems exchanging data. Today we still rely on costly intermediaries that structure, issue, process, distribute, and trade investment products that internalize returns. With the ascend of distributed ledger technology we have a chance to re-allocate the returns to where they belong: to the investor.

After working in both the private and public sector in Europe and the US for more than a decade, I am deeply invested in DLT and tokenization solutions since 2016.

With Baltasaar we strive to help democratize the access to financial markets and provide investors with products that generate sustainable returns.

Christian Heinz
Chief Executive Officer