Baltasaar Capital at AIBC Summit in Dubai, May 2021

Baltasaar Capital at AIBC Summit in Dubai, May 2021


AIBC UAE – Dubai lead the charge for emerging tech in the brand’s first international expo. This May, the AIBC UAE – Dubai summit welcomed a 4,500 strong crowd to the Intercontinental Dubai  Festival City, surpassing expectations for AIBC’s first event to be held outside of Europe.

Attendees and their characteristics are as follows:

In the event, our CEO Christian shared Baltasar’s vision and as a panelist, he spoke on “Trade wars go Blockchain”. Obviously, we are on the edge of cold rivalry between the US and China in the era of government-issued digital currencies. Christian Heinz, in his speech, addressed the opportunities in today’s digital assets and people without bank accounts, particularly in the emerging economies.

Baltasar lined-up in first summit of AIBC outside of Europe where H.H SHEIKH JUMA AHMED JUMA AL MAKTOUM from the ruling family of Dubai was also a honorary guest.

Christian Heinz at AIBC Summit DUBAI

If you want to learn more about the last event in Dubai, and forthcoming  AIBC Europe expo will be held on the 17- 18 November, 2021, at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre (MFCC).  Contact us!

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Baltasaar Capital at in Kiev, May 2021

Baltasaar Capital at in Kiev, May 2021

BlockchainUA is aimed at a diverse audience and is dedicated to raising awareness of blockchain and decentralized technologies, building a strong community, and showcasing the Ukrainian tech scene.

Baltasaar was thrilled to be a part of the line-up again and support BlockcainUA’s mission to propel the latest Blockchain developments in an international conference format with high-quality content, international speakers, multiple panels and keynotes.

The key principles of the conference are:

  • The conference does not accept/support paid talks.
  • There is no promotion of ICOs.
  • The conference is not-for-profit
  • Organisation offers quality content from Ukrainian and international blockchain industry thought leaders.
  • This is an educational and networking event where speakers will provide an expert educational point of view
  • BlockchainUA draws an intimate but diverse crowd including technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, regulators, and others
  • Books on the blockchain, unique blockchain merchandise, prizes and draws All this and more you will find on BlockchainUA!

Baltasaar Capital: Goodbye banks! The 3 ways to digitally raise funds for your company post COVID

60+ speakers from 20+ countries shared their expertise and experience with thousands of technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, regulators all around the world in Kyiv in May 2021.

Baltasaar CEO, Christian Heinz, as one of the keynote speakers, had to opportunity to share our mission and vision as well as ongoing developments and latest successes at Baltasaar since the last conference 2020.

”I am thrilled to see audiences growing in number every year and becoming more aware of and knowlegable on digital assets” said Baltasaar CEO, Christian Heinz during a Q&A session.

If you want to learn more about the last event in Kyiv, please go here. For our Dubai event at the AIBC Summit, please click here. Want to join the next time? Contact us!

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Baltasaar @ AIBC 2020: the role of CBDC in the political economy

Baltasaar @ AIBC 2020: the role of CBDC in the political economy

AIBC Virtual Summit Malta

AIBC brings together 1000s of investors and innovators in Blockchain, AI, Quantum Tech, Big Data & The Internet of things, AIBC is one of the political interest formats in the DLT domain. 

Can cryptocurrency help the global economy and build a better future? ? 

Cryptocurrencies have long been discussed and debated, but they’re only now coming to light as financial tools that can be accessible and useful to more than only die-hard connoisseurs. 

Meet the Panel:

Christian Heinz – CEO, Baltasaar
Daniel Doll-Steinberg – Co-founder, Atari Token & Eden Base
Giacomo Arcaro – Growthhacker, Investor & Startup Advisor
Beatrice Collet – CEO, Chiliz Blockchain Campus

Take part in the #AIBCeurope Virtual Expo on November 25th and hear from Christian Heinz, CEO Baltasaar, how digital currencies and assets, especially state-issued digital currencies (CBDC), will shape the economy and politics of the future. 

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Jan Sell joins Baltasaar Advisory Board

Jan Sell joins Baltasaar Advisory Board

Baltasaar is pleased to present its Advisory Board in the next few weeks. The Advisory Board is expanded throughout the upcoming weeks to include experts from selected business and science domains in order to underline our mission to democratize capital markets.

We are pleased to introduce Jan-Oliver Sell as the first strategic advisor:

Jan-Oliver Sell is a Director at Coinbase and initially worked with Baltasaar as Head of Capital Structuring and Advisory. After Jan received the offer to take on responsibility as a director at Coinbase, Baltasaar appointed him to the advisory board as a strategic advisor on questions of market expansion, product development, structuring of digital financial instruments, and product origination.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. Jan is an expert in investment structuring, fund management, consulting and outsourcing services in the financial industry.

We invite you to Kyiv! Meet us at BlockchainUA, May 22nd, 2020!

We invite you to Kyiv! Meet us at BlockchainUA, May 22nd, 2020!

Digital Financing for Companies

BlockchainUA is one of the most prominent blockchain conferences in Eastern Europe. The conference is organized by our partner Distributed Lab und Pavel Kravchenko ausgerichtet. Distributed Lab contributed most of the source-code of the cryptocurrency Stellar and wrote several standard works on blockchain and distributed systems and wrote Financial Internet that Baltasaar’s Christian Heinz contributed to (Credits).

BlockchainUA is hosting its 8th semi-annual international blockchain conference in Kiev on May 22, 2020, bringing together one of the strongest global blockchain communities and veterans in Europe and beyond!

BlockchainUA targets different interest groups and is a pioneer in the introduction of innovative decentralized systems and blockchain solutions – such as the blockchain-based ticketing system Conto. There are no paid and sponsored lectures, but all participants and lecturers are selected and invited on the basis of their contribution to the further development of technology and business models. The most innovative European blockchain and DLT projects have their origins here. The participants already included Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson, Charly Lee, and many more.

The Mission

The conference offers a high-quality event. There are a number of invite-only pre and after parties, networking events, video documentation, simultaneous interpreters, photo galleries and much more.


  • – No paid lectures are accepte
    – No ICO may be advertised
    – The conference is not for profit and the ticket prices are therefore deliberately kept low.
    – The event is educational and the lecturers and moderators are available for questions at the network events
    – BlockchainUA is aimed at technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, regulators and financial market regulators and others
    – At the conference there is the opportunity to purchase the best-in-class books on blockchain & distributed systems

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Jørgen Leschly Thorsted joins Baltasaar

Baltasaar welcomes a new partner: Jørgen L Thorsted leads the expansion into the Nordics as Partner Business Development


(BERLIN und COPENHAGEN, 25.05.20)

Jørgen Thorsted joins the Baltasaar team as Partner Business Development and is responsible for the expansion into the Nordics. Jørgen brings more than 30 years of experience in the areas of investment banking, insurance, brokerage, bond trading and portfolio management and combines his knowledge of digital assets with traditional financing vehicles. Jørgen has a wide network of customers, partners and investors who need Baltasaar’s end-to-end solution. Together with Baltasaar’s structuring team, Jørgen will place the next generation of digital financial instruments in the European market. 

“I am very excited to be part of the Baltasaar team. I see the global financial markets in a fundamental upheaval driven by digitalization. Digital assets will be an integral part of institutional investment strategies, a good sign of better distribution of investment opportunities. For the first time in the history of financial markets, illiquid asset classes can not only be transferred through OTC trading opportunities but can be transferred and traded through a blockchain-based financial market infrastructure, instantly, around the world, and in real time. t-0 Clearing and settlement is no longer just a vision but already a reality today. I’m looking forward to an exciting time and I’m happy to be part of the next generation of financial markets! ” Thorsted reports in his inaugural speech.

“The benefits of such a digital financing solution are of great benefit both for investors who have access to fractional ownership for the first time and for those who are looking for funding for their projects,” continues Thorsted.

“I am pleased that we were able to win Jørgen for Baltasaar and look forward to a successful collaboration,” says Christian Heinz, CEO of Baltasaar. “Baltasaar is geared towards institutional clients such as pension funds, insurers and asset managers to enable turn-key digital asset solutions, especially by providing instant settlement in secondary markets, proprietary custody solutions and listing options on rule-based trading systems, OTFs and MTFs,” Heinz continues.

About Baltasaar:

Baltasaar is a digital assets platform that allows companies to easily structure financial instruments, compliantly issue and market them publicly. Baltasaar also assumes global coordination and provides integrated public placement. With just one prospectus, companies have access to 31 countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) to raise capital, attract investments and finance projects.

A variety of financial instruments can be tokenized, for example bonds, promissory notes or profit participation rights. Even KG-shares can be fully digitalized by using trustees. Issuers can issue, transfer and trade the instrument without a bank, notary or trading system. No third parties are required for the safekeeping, accounting and transmission of the instrument. The issue can be carried out at a fraction of the usual cost and with just a few clicks.

Do you want to learn more

Read now on page 30 in the Going Public Magazine how companies can issue securities quickly, compliantly and at a fraction of the traditional cost.

We are happy to send you a hard copy, just contact us! 

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