Blockzeug proudly presents: Baltasaar – Funding-as-a-Service

When we started Blockzeug, our vision was simple: driven by a groundbreaking technology, the blockchain, we wanted to help great projects and entrepreneurs to realize the full potential blockchain technology offers.

As a full-stack blockchain developing company, we have supported more than 50 innovative companies and projects by building and delivering customized blockchain solutions.

In our conversations with entrepreneurs and founders – at blockchain meet-ups, business events and blockchain summits all across Europe and beyond – we heard one big challenge, a burning desire more often than any other:

“We need easy access to the capital market and binding, legally secure financing for our expansion. How can blockchain help?”

Wherever we went, companies and investors were looking for a simple “plug-and-play”-solution for the secure and legally compliant issuance of digital securities for fundraising for their projects and companies.

We listened to the market…and developed a solution

We quickly realized there was a big need in the market, and nobody had addressed it yet. Therefore, we decided to develop the appropriate solution ourselves.

Drawing on our experience from accompanying and organizing BaFin-compliant Security Token Offerings together with our great network of partners, we developed Baltasaar – the all-in-one solution for the financing of businesses with digital securities.

Meet Baltasaar – Funding-as-a-Service

We are pleased to officially announce the launch of Baltasaar, the all-in-one financing solution for the issuance and marketing of your digital security. Over the coming weeks, we already have more exciting announcements to make. Baltasaar gives companies access to Funding-as-a-Service in four easy steps:

  1. As a company, you choose the financial instrument you want to issue, such as a bearer bond, a participation right or tokenised limited partnership shares (we organise the unified BaFin and ESMA approval for your instrument in 31 countries),
  2. You receive a securities prospectus for the public offering, and we publish your project on our platform,
  3. By integrating the “invest now” button, your project becomes investable immediately
  4. We place your project with private and professional investors in the market, fully KYC- and AML-compliant.

With Baltasaar, your project receives capital from all 31 EEA countries. Quickly, easily and legally compliant. For companies with their own distribution, you can finance your project and companies with digital securities online directly on your website – at a fraction of the cost of traditional project financing.

Whether you need a fixed income instrument, a revenue share or any other equity-like instrument, Baltasaar will facilitate the regulatory approval for your prospectus, implement the instrument fully digitally and provide EEA-wide distribution.

Start your project financing today!

If you have been looking for a simple way of winning investors for your project or venture using digital securities, Baltasaar is the right solution for you.

Discover now how to finance your project using Baltasaar!

Come meet us in person!

If you want to arrange a personal meeting with our CEO Christian Heinz, please send us an e-mail at . We are looking forward to welcoming you! 

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