Going Glocal: global presence & local sourcing 

The Steinbeis University SIBE program was created to provide successful MBA graduates with unique opportunities worldwide to develop new business opportunities and expand rapidly growing companies. With 800 active students and 4,800 MBA graduates in the past 25 years, SIBE is one of the leading MBA-programs in Germany.

Baltasaar is pleased to announce the strategic cooperation with the Steinbeis University SIBE program and to report on the successful recruitment of first employees on site at the Steinbeis Business Center in Nanjing.

China is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and is the third largest economic power in the world. We are therefore already successfully cooperating with Chinese partners and are now preparing to enter the Baltasaar market in 2021.

The Baltasaar financing solution is adapted to local regulatory, legal and tax requirements. Baltasaar establishes a technological infrastructure to make portfolio and foreign direct investments (FDI) within a legally secure framework with just one solution. We are happy to be part of the Steinbeis partner network!

The SIBE program

The program was launched 25 years ago. In addition to professionally integrated study with project work in a partner company full-time and thus unique knowledge transfer & systematic competence building between science and economy, companies bind successful MBAs to themselves at an early stage and gain access to a pool of highly trained employees who are the key and the foundation for a successful career in the company bring.

The number of companies is 5.6 million in the US, 27.5 million in the EU and 34.7 million in China. With Baltasaar technology, we are ready to give all Chinese companies faster, transparent and efficient access to national and international financial markets and investments.

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