AIBC Virtual Summit Malta

AIBC brings together 1000s of investors and innovators in Blockchain, AI, Quantum Tech, Big Data & The Internet of things, AIBC is one of the political interest formats in the DLT domain. 

Can cryptocurrency help the global economy and build a better future? ? 

Cryptocurrencies have long been discussed and debated, but they’re only now coming to light as financial tools that can be accessible and useful to more than only die-hard connoisseurs. 

Meet the Panel:

Christian Heinz – CEO, Baltasaar
Daniel Doll-Steinberg – Co-founder, Atari Token & Eden Base
Giacomo Arcaro – Growthhacker, Investor & Startup Advisor
Beatrice Collet – CEO, Chiliz Blockchain Campus

Take part in the #AIBCeurope Virtual Expo on November 25th and hear from Christian Heinz, CEO Baltasaar, how digital currencies and assets, especially state-issued digital currencies (CBDC), will shape the economy and politics of the future. 

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