Generate more returns with digital investments.

Our technology platform digitizes transactions for companies, asset managers, distributors and their clients.

✓ 300 hours saved per issuance

✓ Attract more clients with digital distribution

✓ Baltasaar enables fundraising in 33 countries

Unrestricted Capital Market Access for Investor and Issuer

Due Diligence, Governance & Compliance

Every product passed strict due diligence, has a viable business case and is regulatory compliant.

Regulatory Approved Products

All projects are approved by the Financial Market Authorities (FMA) for public offering.

Above Market Returns & Transparent Terms

Products are issued on a distributed ledger to maximize transparency & minimize costs. 

Marketplace with 1-click Direct Investment

You can easily access & subscribe to all digital investment products online.

Automated Payments & Redemptions

Investor accounts automatically redeem interest & principal repayments.

Tradable on Secondary Markets

As an investor you can sell your investment prior to time of maturity on the exchange.

Our Mission is to give investors the same access to high-yield investment products that were traditionally available to institutions and professionals only.

Baltasaar für Unternehmen

Our team consists of technologists and investment banking professionals that built a platform to democratize access to financial markets with the help of distributed ledger technology.