Baltasaar expands its product universe: investment brokerage and new digital assets with Bitalo AG


(BERLIN and KONSTANZ, 11/03/20)


Bitalo, the first bank-independent, fully licensed P2P trading platform in Germany that offers extremely secure handling of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash, and Baltasaar today announced their strategic partnership to drive mainstream adoption of digital assets in institutional capital markets. Bitalo as a financial institution is fully MiFID II regulated and acts as a liability umbrella (Haftungsdach), enabling Baltasaar to publicly offer its platform and new digital products to yet another category of clients.


Baltasaar’s Digital Assets platform enables one-stop digital structuring, origination, issuance, and placement of securities with a few clicks. No traditional costs by an issuing bank, a central securities depository and other intermediaries are incurred. With one BaFin-compliant security prospectus, a company’s offering is passportet and publicly placed on the Baltasaar marketplace in 31 EEA countries.


Since the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in Germany opened up to digital securities early on and has taken a pioneering role within the European Union in approving blockchain-based securities, also leading to intense discussions around Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and the introduction of an e-Euro as Christian Heinz, CEO of Baltasaar, pointed out in his latest speech at AIBC Virtual Summit.  


A fully digitized capital markets process generates cost-efficiencies since no issuing banks and law firms are required. In addition to cost savings, issuers benefit from automated compliance processes, in-built payment management plans & functions, product administration along the lifecycle, direct placement through marketplace listing and, thus, the ability to address private and institutional investors with one solution. The financial instrument, the investment product, is represented as a token on a blockchain enabling all processes to be automated via smart contracts.


“Baltasaar – Digital Capital”


It is close strategic cooperation of two companies with extensive experience in different areas of the financial world. The partnership will combine strengths and create synergies in both the technological and capital markets domain.


The technology solution allows the investor to make his investment directly online undergoing legally required procedures such as KYC and AML, provides an HCBI/PSD2 banking interface, lifecycle product management, automated account reconciliation, and repayments and a built-in secondary market. The secondary market is accessible to customers even without a regulated market, such as a stock exchange, through an OTC (over-the-counter) exchange service. As a result, an investor can trade his investment on the secondary market even prior to time of maturity.


Marketplace participants receive all in one place: digital investment products on the primary market, a communications and marketing engine, a custody solution, and secondary markets. “With Bitalo we are expanding our offering and propel the financial markets into the 21st century”, explains Christian Heinz, CEO of Baltasaar.


“We are looking forward to implementing more protocols into our technological backbone and lead the way in democratizing access to capital markets for institutional and private investors alike,” Heinz continues.


“With our strict regulatory processes and Baltasaar’s cutting edge technology, we’ll actively shape the institutional digital assets market and push it into the future” says Martin Albert, CEO of Bitalo.

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You can find the official BaFin-listing here!

About Baltasaar:

Baltasaar is a digital assets platform that offers an ultra-convenient capital market experience for all participants. It allows companies to easily originate investment products and issue and market them compliantly in public offerings. Companies gain access to 31 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) to raise capital, attract investments and direct place products. Both debt and equity or equity-like instruments can be digitized, e.g. bonds, promissory notes or participation rights. Investors and issuers trade the instruments without intermediaries. No third parties are required for the safekeeping, accounting and transmission of the instrument. Companies can cut time-to-liquidity by up to 90%.


About Bitalo: 

Bitalo is the first bank-independent licensed trading platform in Germany and offers extremely secure handling of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash thanks to user-side encrypted wallets. The technology division specializes in blockchain protocols as well as in providing crypto-related services. 


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